Real-time Indoor Localization System

The past decade has witnessed the conceptualization and development of various wireless indoor localization techniques, including WiFi, RFID, acoustic signals, etc. Due to the wide deployment and availability of WiFi infrastructure, WiFi fingerprint-based indoor localization has become one of the most attractive techniques for ubiquitous applications.

The basic idea of fingerprint-based indoor localization technique is to take advantage of the spatial diversity of wireless signals at different positions. By collecting WiFi signal characteristics (typically, the RSS) as the location fingerprint and establishing a fingerprint-location relational database, the system can localize the user using certain fingerprint matching algorithm.

The general framework can be divided into two phases: training and operating. The former involves a site survey process (a.k.a. calibration), in which RSSs from multiple APs at every location of interest are measured and recorded as WiFi fingerprints. Accordingly a fingerprint database (a.k.a. radio map) is built, where each location is labelled with its corresponding fingerprints. In the operating stage, to locate a user sends a query with his current fingerprint, localization server retrieves the fingerprint database and return the location of the best-matched fingerprints as the user’s location estimation.

Despite of its success, WiFi positioning faces several challenges on its fast track of practical development. In this project, we aim to design novel techniques to pave the way for WiFi fingerprint based localization as a ubiquitous, long-term and accurate service. Particularly, we focus on exploring solutions to enable automatic radio map construction, adaptive radio map updating, and robust location estimation, etc.

We deployed a wireless localization system, PosX, to implement, evaluate, and validate our research innovations. The system has been deployed at Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Wuxi IOT Center, and West Anhui University. PosX mainly features in the following perspectives:

  • Integration and comparison of multiple real-time localization algorithms, including both classical ones and our novel designs.
  • Fusion of both wireless signal characteristics and user’s mobility information.
  • Capability of automatic AP location estimation
  • Visualization of WiFi fingerprints and radio maps


PosX Screenshots

Footprint database in server-side

Hotspots in server-side

Real-time wireless information in server-side

Localization in Server-side

Localization in Mobile-side

Motion in Mobile Side

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